Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sinetron Hujung Bulan

"Money, money, money, money.... money!" As heard in the opening theme from The Apprentice. It's all 'bout money. It's happening to almost everyone of us. The bigger your salary, the more expenditure to be spent for yourself. But it's ok, it's like a challenge to survive in this world. Maybe now isn't the time yet, but sooner or later, who knows right? So, gotta get that green... duit duit. Enjoy!


This is another weekly redesign battle for This week, we have to redesign Death, a character from Sandmand comic by Vertigo. Looks like i'm starting to become an active member again in Hehehe... So, enjoy!

Medium: Adobe Illustrator (lineart) + Adobe Photoshop (Color)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Pinky: Freedom Fighter

One of my fave character drawn by Adijin in his comic 'Siapa?' Pinky, that's her name. As usual, a weekly redesign battle submission for She's the subject matter for this week. So, here's my version of Pinky which is nothing much different from the existing. Hehehe. :P. Enjoy!

Medium: Adobe Illustrator (line art) + Adobe Illustrator (Color)