Thursday, October 12, 2006

The River Children

Another warm up piece for my long time pending project.. hehhehe.. enjoy!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Gator Butch.. back in action!

Gator Butch. A comic project that gonna be proposed to Septagon Studio. Still looking for some free time to do the comic. This is just an exercise, so that i still remember how the look of my comic main character. Hehehehhe.... Enjoy!

Medium: Adobe Photoshop CS.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sumo Wrestler

Howdy! It's been too long since my last post here. So, leave all the sadness behind, no more sad story to be posted by me.. heheehe. Last night, i picked up my brush pen and my sketch book, did some artwork 'coz i did draw anything even a scribble at home since all things getting better and busy at the office. I might lost my drawing ability like what i experienced before... thank God, i'm still kickin'.. hehehhehe. So, enuff crap. Let my drawing do the talking.. enjoy!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Back To Fundamental

Kamen Rider Ichigou & Nigou.. remake version of the first Kamen Rider film... The pic was snapped for fun just because i couldn't feel the mood to sleep. So, i grabbed the digicam and this is the result. Took this pic a month ago... since there's nothing new to update in my blog, i decided to place this so-called-creative-art directed photography! (Syok sendiri jer lebih, biasalah budak art.. imaginasi kena tinggi beb!). Enjoy! Credits to Zarul for the figures! ;p

Monday, August 07, 2006

Diari Seorang Lelaki

This is one of the top 5 songs in my playlist. Diari Seorang Lelaki, sung by Pretty Ugly. Damn, i just love this song! Enjoy!

Dari semalam ku tunggu
Fikir kau pulang ke pangkuanku
Ku dengarkan lagu cinta
Pilihan terbaik kita
Ku mainkan cd berulang
Lupakan segala ucapan
Perpisahan yang kau pinta

Benar dikau ku cinta setiap detik ku puja
Kau sering perhatiku sambil belai rambutmu
Tak ingin aku lupa kenangan yang tercipta
Belikan aku diari ku tulis setiap hari

Terjaga dari tidurku terima panggilan dari jauh
Katakan saja kau rindu setahun ku hilang arah
Ku tempahkan tiket sehala malam ini kitakan bertemu
Tunggu di bawah lampu

Bercinta, berkasih bagai Adam dan Hawa
Bergaduh, selisih buat kita sempurna
Janganlah dipendam luahkan perasaan
Tiada benci, iri hati itulah destinasi

Gemalai Tari Sang Puteri

Medium: Painter IX & Adobe Photoshop CS

Since things are getting better, there will be no more sadness theme in my upcoming post.. hehehehe.. Kita Enjoy!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Patahnya Sayap Sang Arjuna

Artwork: Patahnya Sayap Sang Arjuna.
Medium: Corel Painter IX & Adobe Photoshop CS


Monday, July 31, 2006


Hayatilah bait-bait lagu ini. Sungguh mendalam buat diriku disaat ini. Ada apa dengan cinta? Mungkin bagi sesetengah orang, cinta datang dan pergi dengan sesuka hati, tetapi tidak bagi insan yg seakan serupa nasibnya dengan Sang Arjuna yang sedang mencari chenta. Renung-renungkanlah.....

Sudah kudaki gunung tertinggi

Hanya untuk mencari dimana dirimu

Sudah kujelajahi isi bumi

Hanya untuk dapat hidup bersamamu

Sudah kuarungi laut samudera

Hanya untuk mencari tempat berlabuhmu

Tapi semakin jauh ku mencari

Cinta semakin aku tak mengerti

Akulah Arjuna....yang mencari cinta..

Wahai wanita....cintailah aku..

Mungkin kutemui cinta sejati

Saat aku hembuskan nafas terakhirku

Mungkin cinta sejati memang tak ada

Dalam cerita kehidupan ini

*thousand thank you to DEWA for creating this song, it means a lot to me now... peace!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Chentai-lah Chenta

Sketch during my bad day.. the best way to channel your sadness is on a piece of paper. Trust me, it works! :)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


An artwork based from my own expression 'bout love. Love hurts, so does the truth. But soon, everything gonna be back to normal, i hope so. May this fairy tale end up as written in most of storybooks, "They live happily ever after."


Just my imagination of Kamen Rider V3, new suit, new look inspired from latest Kamen Rider movie, The First. Enjoy!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

FREE'EM (freedom) page4, 5, 6

Page 4, page 5, page 6... another 2 pages coming soon.. hihihihi :p

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My Comic Project: FREE'EM (freedom)

A one shot (8 pages) comic that i'm trying to proposed to any publisher, but it's all history now. Gone with the rest of my artworks, goddamn the CRASHED PC. The leftover are only low res jpg for viewing purposes only. So, enjoy!


Refreshment :)

Done on 31st May 2006. Just a part of my coloring training. Artwork by friend of mine, Chayrot. Thanks for the image dude!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Lady Gothika

Lady Goth with her lovely MeOw. Enjoy!!
medium: Adobe Photoshop CS

Evil Seed -666-

My first post ever in my own lair... today is 06/06/06.. Guess what? It's the premier show in cinema for THE OMEN 666. Inspired by the movie trailler a couple of months ago, so here it is. Fully done in Adobe Photoshop CS. Enjoy!



The transformation is complete eventhough this site still the same.. hehehehehe. I'm not the type of person that good in writing, so i'm not gonna write some crap and shitty stuff here. So, let my visuals do the talking aight! Peace and one love!!

Friday, March 17, 2006